4 Reliable Briquette Suppliers in Indonesia

If you prioritize quality and consistency, explore these 4 Indonesian briquette suppliers. Discover their product offerings, commitment to reliability, and how they can support your fuel sourcing requirements.

4 Reliable Briquette Suppliers in Indonesia

In a time where businesses prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, Indonesia stands out in the global charcoal industry, particularly in coconut shell charcoal supply. This eco-friendly alternative to wood charcoal is crucial for cooking, heating, and energy practices, creating opportunities for importers and exporters. Let's delve into Indonesia's leadership in producing and exporting coconut shell charcoal, exploring key import prospects and market strategies.

Decoding Indonesian Coconut Charcoal

Indonesia's dominance in coconut charcoal isn't random luck but a result of its abundant resources and strategic industry policies. With an ideal climate for coconut growth, Indonesia efficiently utilizes coconuts, turning coconut shells into valuable products that reduce waste.

Indonesian coconut charcoal, also known as 'coco-charcoal,' stands out for its high carbon content, providing excellent combustion properties, high calorific values, and long burning times, surpassing traditional wood charcoal. This versatile resource is used in cooking and even as a key ingredient in shisha tobacco, meeting diverse global demands.

  1. Charcoal Pro (https://charcoal.pro/): This company produces coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha and hookah in large quantities. With ISO 9001:2015 certification and two production units, they offer high-quality products and bulk availability.
  2. Chalabi Group Indonesia (https://charcoalchalabi.com/): A top exporter of coconut shell charcoal briquettes, known for quality control and global delivery.
  3. Borobudur Coco (https://www.briquettescharcoal.com/): Providing premium charcoal briquettes since 2012, known for their quality and international reach.
  4. Taiba Cococha Indonesia (https://www.taibacoco.co.id/): Established in 2020, this company offers high-quality briquettes for various markets, including shisha and BBQ.

In Summary

Indonesia's coconut charcoal market offers a sustainable and profitable opportunity. Its high-quality charcoal is sought after globally, and responsible production benefits both the environment and your business. To source premium Indonesian charcoal briquettes, contact samuel@idnexporter.com.